Discover the typical Apulian products

It is a must for guests at the B&B i Trulli dell’Aia Antica to taste the traditional flavours of the local products that have been formed by knowing hands into delicacies that will please even the most discerning palate.
For all of our guests who, besides relaxing and enjoying their holiday at the i Trulli dell’Aia Antica, wish to try the exquisite genuine products of our land: extra virgin olive oil, honey, apulia wine, and fruits that are processed and conserved using ancient recipes, with the most genuine ingredients that are cultivated naturally.

Extra virgin olive oil is made by cold pressing two varieties of olives: the circella and the pizzutella.  The olives are hand picked at their peak and are then cold pressed with ancient stone presses.
This process renders a guaranteed genuine extra virgin olive oil with very low acidity and a remarkable aroma.

The honey of Apulia is a natural and healthy food product that bees produce from flower nectar.  The nectar is transformed and enriched by the bees’ hard work, who then diligently oversee the storage and maturation of the honey in the cells of the honeycomb. Once it is ready, the honey is extracted and jarred.

And who among us hasn’t heard of Locorotondo DOC. and Primitivo di Manduria DOC?
The prestigious quality of the grapes that are used to make Apulian wine has helped put our local wines on the world map. The smooth taste and harmonious fruit and spice aromas are characteristic our wines.

Typical dairy products include a huge variety of wonderful treats that go from the Gioia del Colle mozzarella to the soft giuncata cheese made with either goat or sheep’s milk.
The vegetables grown in the fertile Apulian soil have one-of-a-kind colour and taste.
Fish soups, which can be found all along the coast from Otranto to the Gargano, are like a symphony.  The soups bring together different kinds of fish into one harmonious bowl.

And not to mention the famous orecchiette pasta, dressed with a simple tomato sauce and a sprinkling of caccioricotta cheese, or with the usual broccoli rabe;  a dish always appreciated for its simplicity.

The friselle and fresh tomatoes and taralli are a must also. Don’t forget to try traditional sweets like strufoli, cartellate, and copeta with toasted almonds.

In this labyrinth of flavours everyone will find their favourite dish; because in Apulia we know that the way to a person’s heart is through his or her stomach!